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Edge Group

The Edge Group is comprised of four professionals with more than one hundred years of combined experience in professional retained search. With over twenty-six years in the business, we are able to recognize, assess, and attract candidates with the experience and talent that aligns with your requirements.

In carefully considering our clients’ culture and objectives, we present the candidates that are most appropriately qualified to succeed. The key to our strategic methodology is to research organizations in a manner that identifies candidates that match our client’s needs.

The Edge Group performs an average of sixty searches a year across North America and has been ranked as one of the top fifteen retained search firms in Houston by the Houston Business Journal for the past twelve years. The attentive and objective approach we practice has allowed us to achieve continued success in the following industries:

Architecture and Design








Information Technology

Manufacturing & Distribution


Property Management

Public accounting


 We would be delighted to provide references about the outstanding results we have achieved for clients over the years.

 David M. Seeley



Professional retained search since 1994

Other Services

Payroll services and Contractors

The Edge Group has offered payroll services and contractors to supplement our clients needs for over twenty years.

We provide;

1.     Deduct & pay taxes and submit a W-2 to the contractor at the end of the year.

2.     Pay employers Social Security and Workers Compensation

3.     Pay contractors once a week (direct deposit if requested) and bill client once a week.

4.     We perform all the initial paperwork (I-9, W-4, etc.), most paperwork is completed and the contractor available within 48 hours.

5.     Contractor sign up is online and approvals for contractor time are emailed directly to you. All of our processes are web based so you and the contractors can access information when needed quickly.


We appreciate that when a supplemental workforce is required the resources our needed quickly. We can react to these needs nationwide rapidly, efficiently, and keep you informed of each step in the process. 


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